You read that right! In addition to our private karaoke room, we now offer karaoke parties in our main lounge accommodating up to 80 guests! Minimum rate begins at $1500~, please contact us at 312-266-2280 or at to for more details. Now taking reservations! 

Private Karaoke Room Details
Pricing & Regulations
  • Must be 21 and over
  • Karaoke is $100/hr for up to 15 people; there will be an additional $10/person/hr charged for a party of 16 or more people. (i.e. $110/hr for party of 16, $120/hr for party of 17, etc.) *Note: The $100/hr is strictly room fee. Drinks are not included. 
  • The $100 karaoke charge does not include tip or tax, which will be added after final charges are calculated. 
  • A minimum of 1 drink per person per hour must be ordered.
  • For every 15 minutes over the time limit an additional $50 charge will be added to the final bill.
  • For groups of 6 or more a 20% gratuity will be automatically charged. 
  • For any damages done to equipment and/or furniture please note that you or your group will be responsible for the repair charges. 
  • Checks may only be split up to 3 ways.
  • A penalty fee of $200 will be charged for any outside beverage and/or food brought in for cosumption. 
  • Song list includes English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese songs (Joysound)
  • Song titles includes over 10,000 English and 130,000 Japanese song titles